Postcard from Latvia

Last week we attended a conference near Riga, Latvia. Here are some of the interesting sites we saw.

Many of the old buildings had distinctive shapes to them and, surprisingly, many windows. I figured that the cold winters would require architects to minimize the windows.

Modern buildings were uniquely built also, in a very boxy style. 
The library building in Riga

 Our conference was in the resort town of Jumala  on the Baltic Sea. The beach-side resort building was old and a bit dilapidated, but from this distance it is very picturesque.

Beautiful flower gardens in Jumala

Several people commented on how much the Latvians loved flowers. There were manicured flowers even along the highways.

St. Peter's Lutheran Church 

St. Peter's was built in the 1200s. Riga was the first city to become Lutheran in 1522, shortly after the Reformation began.

Beautiful churches outside and in. 


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