Monday, January 23, 2017

"Lead Me Home" Time and Place

Book Two of my series takes place nine years after my first book - 1935. Of course, that means that my characters are living in the years of the Great Depression - where hunger, unemployment and homelessness are common place in every town across the United States. 
Typical scene from the Depression - courtesy of Wiki Commons

Maggie Ehlke - a younger sister of Emma from "Guide Me Home"- is sent from her home in Wisconsin to help care for Emma's and Neil's growing family. Since Neil is now a pastor at a church in Dubuque, Iowa, Maggie moves her belongings to this city on the shores of the Mississippi River. 

She struggles to understand why life seems so unfair. Her dream of attending college and making something of her life have fallen through because of the economy. Now the reality of being sent from home to her sister's house weighs on her mind. As the train takes her closer to Dubuque, she feels that her only comfort is the books packed in her weighty trunk. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Second Book is Getting Closer

For all my readers out there who keep asking when Book 2 is coming out...

"Lead Me Home" should be coming out in the next couple months. I sent in the manuscript to my line editor who will go over it one last time and then work on formatting. If all goes well, she said that it should be formatted around February 1st. 

My cover designer is working on the design for book two also. I'll give you a sneak preview when I see what she comes up with.

In the mean time I'll be introducing you to the characters in "Lead Me Home".