Wine To-Go

We've found a great advantage of living in Prague -- our local vinoteka.  Located two short blocks from our flat, we find ourselves visiting out vinoteka several times a week. Instead of hauling heavy wine bottles home from our Potraviny, we walk to out vinoteka to get a refill on our wine bottle.

Vinoteka is translated as a wine shop, but it can be more than just a shop. Many of them allow customers to "carry-out" wine. Our vinoteka has a selection of several white and red wines on tap for us to either enjoy with friends while sitting in the shop, or take a bottle home.

We enjoyed their Cabernet Sauvignon for many months, but alas, their supply of this wonderful wine has now run out. What is amazing is the price for this great wine.

We buy 1.5 liter bottles - the size of 2 normal wine bottles - for 200 kc., less than $10.00. One of the first Czech phrases that we learned after moving to our flat was "jeden a pul litru" -- one and a half liters. It comes in handy often. ­čśÇ

Now that the Cabernet is gone we drink a crisp white wine called Sylvanske. For that price, we will not complain at all.

The wine is sent home in a large green plastic bottle. It's not too classy to take this bottle as a hostess gift when invited out to dinner, but since the cost and taste are so good, who cares?

The trickiest part is pouring wine out of a flexible plastic bottle without spilling. They don't make wine pourers for this kind of bottle.

Come and join us for a glass of wine sometime.


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