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A Memorable German City

  Cathedral of St. Mary and St. Severi Church When we visited the Luther sites in our trip to Germany in 1983, we went to Erfurt to see where Martin Luther was ordained in the Erfurt Cathedral in 1507. This imposing structure sits at the crest of a hill in the city.  Sheer size of the cathedral While we were in Germany this summer, we again visited Erfurt. The size is just as impressive today as it was back then.  The size of the building can't really be described. The altar is so far away when you're in the middle of the church that you don't realize that the candle sticks are as tall as a person.  View of the altar I remember on our first visit that a woman was working on the main altar in the cathedral. She stood on top of the altar, changing the candle in the candlestick, which was her height!  Looking toward the organ The organ is massive also. I can't imagine worshipping in this cathedral every Sunday. I wish we could have heard music soaring to the rafters in the

Excitement in the Neighborhood

  Anglican Church  Last week we had some excitement on our quiet street. Someone rang our doorbell at 7 PM, something which never happens. My husband went downstairs to see who was there. He came back and announced that a movie crew was going to shoot a movie scene from 9:00 to 3:00 in the morning.  We've never had anything exciting like that in our corner of Old Riga. I knew I wanted to share the experience with you. They were going to work by the Anglican Church which is across the street from us. I took all the pictures out of our window, so you can see how close we were.  Spotlight in the embassy garden They pulled up around 9:00 and plugged all the spot lights in. Our neighborhood was illuminated that night. They unloaded all sorts of equipment for their use. Good thing our bedroom is on the back of the apartment. We shut our bedroom door to block out the bright lights when we went to bed later on.  Standing around  It started raining shortly after their arrival. That seemed t