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Chuck and I are on the move again. This time it's a bigger adventure than all the other ones combined. Chuck is going to be a missionary in the Eurasia region for The Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod. He was called to be a theological educator - "helping to strengthen Lutheran pastors to bring Jesus to de-Christianized Europe." He will be working at first with a young vicar in Romania, mentoring him to become the only confessional Lutheran pastor who will preach in Romanian. Sorin-Horia Trifa lives in Bucharest, Romania so we will be traveling there to work with him. Chaos in my office We will be living in Prague, Czech Republic and be traveling to do the work with others. As of now, I'm not really sure how much of the time I'll be traveling with Chuck. I'll be working on my third book and working on whatever God can use me in Europe. We are in the process of packing up our apartment, giving some things away, packing things to take to Prague, and st