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Ye Olde City Wall

Ancient wall near St. John's church Original part of wall Sections of the original walls of Old Riga can be seen in different areas yet today. In the picture at the left you can see that the 1.5 meter thick walls were quite tall with a covered walkway on the top for the people who defended the city. Of course, this section of the wall was reconstructed after many years of use, but some of the stones are original. Map of Old Riga from 1600s showing the wall Riga was started around 1200 with the beginning fortifications built within a hundred years. Through the years, the walls were expanded or reinforced to keep the city safe from invaders. By the beginning of the 19th century, the walls were no longer necessary because of modern armaments, but sections still remain in the city today. On a walk through Old Riga, you will be able to discover the different pieces of the remaining wall found in the city. Powder Tower Besides the section shown above, the

The Legend of Lielais Kristaps

Big Christopher Statue   Riga has another statue that is located only a block from our flat. It's called the Big Christopher (Lielais Kristaps in Latvian) statue. The interesting thing about this statue is the story behind it. According to the legend, a kind-hearted giant, originally named Offero, lived near the Daugava River. He would carry people across the wide river on his shoulder if they needed to get to the other side. One day a small boy asked Offero to carry him across the raging river. He sat on the giant's shoulder as he walked through the river, but the farther the giant walked, the heavier the child became. After struggling, the man finally reached the opposite shore. Big Christopher Statue The boy then explained that he was the Christ and the burden the giant carried was the sins of the world. He then baptized the giant and renamed him "Christopher" because that means Christ-bearer. After Christopher returned home, he found a pile of