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Spring in Riga

With the long warmer days here, the flowers have brought beauty to the parks near us. I'll share this postcard with you of the Riga spring flowers. Our days are getting very long since we're so far north. The sun rises before 5:00 now and sets at 9:45 at night. By June 21, the sun will be up from 4:30 AM to 10:22 PM. Lots of time to party! Picture of fountain from bridge in canal Tulips are a favorite Between Old Riga and the rest of the city, a canal runs through a beautiful park. We were told that the canal is actually where the old moat surrounded the walled city. It's lovely to stroll along the canal through the beautiful park. It's one of our favorite walks. Bastion Hill across the canal The park is dotted with statues and fountains. Fountain  Statue of historian We are looking forward to seeing what summer flowers will be added to the collection when they open up. By then we'll be able to go for a walk at 10:00 at ni

Three Brothers in Riga

  "The Three Brothers" When these three building were built centuries ago, I'm sure the builders never dreamed that today they would still be preserved and famous.  These are the oldest residences in Riga. They were actually built in different centuries, but now are a tourist attraction all standing together. All walking tours of Riga pass these three buildings, now known as "Three Brothers."  Portal seat The oldest building is on the right, built in 1490. It was built for manufacturing and trade. The entire first floor is one large room where work, trade, and everyday life took place. The upstairs was originally built for storage area. The outside facade is from the Gothic area with crow-stepped gables. It has looked the same for over five hundred years. A portal seat was built by the front door for visitors or passers-by to rest.  Date of 1646 is visible The middle building was built in 1646 as you can see plainly in red numbers. The architecture is quite diff

Another Courtyard

Outside original city gate  Ancient history shows itself around Old Town Riga in special ways. The ancient wall of the city makes up a portion of the St. John's Courtyard. This courtyard is located on the area of the original Bishop's castle when Riga was originally built in the 12th Century.  How old is this archway? St. John's Lutheran Church was originally the Bishop's chapel for the castle, so it is adjacent to the courtyard. I pass through this courtyard often on my way to the mall that I visit.  Approach to courtyard The Courtyard is accessed by walking down the alley past St. John's Church door and under an ancient archway. St. John's door is on the right side of the alley in the picture on the right.  A person doesn't even think of the history surrounding you when you live in a place where it's just the neighborhood.  I do often wonder what the building above the archway is. Do people live above the archway? How long has that part of the structur