Honoring Covid -19 Healthcare Workers

Healthcare Statue

 Many things in Riga have changed since last March when the Chinese virus descended on the world. One lasting thing will be a 20-foot statue that now adorns the lawn in front of the National Latvian Art Museum. 

This statue, dedicated way back in June of last year, appeared as a way to thank the healthcare workers for their untiring work in the hospitals. The woman, wearing a lab coat, gloves and a face mask, has her hands out in service. 

National Latvian Art Museum

Sculptor Aigars Birkse created the artwork, along with the European League of Institutes of the Arts. They said this statue “is dedicated to medics in Latvia and around the world, praising their selfless courage and care during the Covid-19 outbreak.”

Museum in background

At that time, Latvia had not been affected by the coronavirus very much at all. During the summer, life in Old Town Riga was pretty normal, except for the lack of tourists since the borders were closed. 

However, since November, Latvia has seen an outbreak similar to the US. We are currently in a lockdown until February 7. The numbers are very minimal compared to the US, but our hospitals are full to overflowing. The only stores open are grocers, pharmacies, and, of course, wine stores.

A thank-you for all to see

I think that healthcare workers all over the world deserve our gratitude for stepping up during these trying times. Latvia found a way to make that permanent.

Information taken from Independent.co.uk


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