Castles of Latvia - Krimulda Ruins

Guaja River gorge view from cable car
This week we're taking a bit of a break from castles that we saw because this castle doesn't exist any longer. Last week I told you about the view over the Guaja River, and today I'll tell you how we explored the other side of the gorge.

Krimulda ruins
The castle that doesn't exist any longer is the Krimulda Pils. It was built about the same time as the Sigulda Castle and was destroyed in 1601 in a war with their enemies from across the river. It was never rebuilt again. From the Sigulda tower on the edge of the ravine, soldiers could look across the gorge and watch the comings and goings at the Krimulda castle. 

All aboard!

Today the only way to access the Krimulda area from the Sigulda side is via a cable car. We decided we were brave enough to check it out, so we enjoyed a ride 40 meters above the river. 

Krimulda Manor
The cable car let us off on the site of Krimulda, which today is the home of Krimulda Manor. This manor, originally built in the middle of the 1800s as a sanitorium, was a location to rebuild health, beauty and inner peace. It was a retreat for the wealthy in the early 20th Century.


The most unique part of the manor was the sunbathing pavilion built for the sanitorium residents. In the 1920s, this semicircular building had porches facing the sun where residents would soak up the healing rays during the summer. Today it is still a beautiful area, surrounded by flower beds. 

Sunbathing pavilion

It was certainly worth the ride in the cable car across the Gauja River gorge to see this interesting manor even though the castle is long gone. 

Next week, we continue our tour of castles. 


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