I've been a history buff all my life reading biographies and history since grade school. Naturally, when I considered writing a story, my first thoughts turned toward historical fiction. My novels are set in America's Midwest and reflect my own Wisconsin farming roots.

My life has been the fulfillment of my girlhood dreams: becoming a Lutheran school teacher, marrying a pastor, and have lots of children. My life has taken me to from the US to Europe as I have followed my pastor-husband in his service to various churches with our four sons.

My husband of forty years, Rev. Charles Cortright, and I now live in St. Petersburg, Russia where he is a missionary.

Our four sons are now married to wonderful Christian women. We have twelve grandchildren who live from Madison, Wisconsin to Houston, Texas to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to St. Louis, Missouri. We try to see most of them at least once a year and are very thankful for Skype and our computers!

I love reading books (especially historical romance as you could probably guess) and now, writing my own stories.


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