Lead Me Home

Do opposites attract? A feisty young woman and super-shy farmer’s son are pushed together as they face the travails of the Great Depression. Will it lead to love or loathing?

Hunger. Unemployment. Homelessness: realities of life during the Great Depression. Thrust into these realities, all Maggie Ehlke wants is a home and family of her own. Instead, she’s sent to her sister’s home in Dubuque to earn her keep by helping with her sister’s twins.
But circumstances soon send Maggie to the widower Iverson’s farm to keep house and raise his younger three daughters.
Iverson’s grown son, the agonizingly shy Romy, dreams of life on the road. But the death of his mother cuts his dreams short while bringing the spirited “Miss Maggie” into his world.
Amidst the hubbub of life in the Iverson household, outgoing Maggie and shy Romy find themselves worlds apart from each other. Can they meet in the middle?

Now available on paperback or Kindle version


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