Churches I Have Seen

Most churches are centuries old
 Many are very large
We have seen so many beautiful churches since we moved over here, so this will be a picture postcard of churches in Europe.

Some are built since freedom

Furnished with a lovely wooden altar and pulpit
 We visited this Lutheran church in Lithuania when my husband presented at a conference. When the Russians gave them freedom, they had to build a new church.

The stained glass windows take your breath away.  They often depict Bible stories in them.

These windows were in the cathedral in Prague. The pictures don't do justice in showing how immense this cathedral was. Here you can get an idea of the height of the ceilings with the window in the rear of the church.

The ceiling had pictures painted on it
This unique church was St. George's in the castle grounds. It had an upper and lower altar.

Many churches are massive looking on the outside as well as on the inside. It's sad that these large churches aren't filled with worshippers any longer. The largest crowds come for concerts.

Every church is unique to the era and location. When you are in Europe, make sure you visit the churches near you. They are all beautiful.


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