Spring Hath Sprung!

Two weeks ago we left Prague for a conference in Lithuania. When we returned home a week later, our city had erupted in flowers and leaves (and so have my allergies). I decided to share the pictures with you (even if you still have snow sitting in your front yard). During the winter, I had heard that spring is so beautiful here and now I can see with my own eyes. They were right!

Forsythia bush

The flowering trees are very similar to the ones we're used to from the Midwest. I'll show you a few examples.

Flowering trees by US Ambassador's residence
Friendly daffodils
Ever-present tulips

Magnolia blossoms

Lovely lilacs

Picture perfect scene in a park near our house. 

And don't forget the pesky dandelion. We have them all. I'll enjoy them while I can if I can stop sneezing! 


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