Two Hotels for the Price of One

If you're going to be visiting Prague in the near future, I have a very unique hotel for you. Actually, it's two hotels joined by a cable car. The older one NH Prague City is located at the bottom of a hill and NH Collection Prague is on the top of the hill.

Last August when we visited there, it was one hotel with the upper "floors" accessible through the cable car connecting the two buildings. As of May 1, it is now two "sister" hotels. I'm wondering if using the cable car to have access to rooms in the upper part got too confusing or complicated.

 I have no idea how expensive these hotels would be, but I'm thinking that we'll never stay in them because they would cost way too much. They looked very fancy.

We found out about this hotel with the cable car connection on a website called "Honest Prague". The host Janek told us about a free cable car to ride up the hill rather than paying for the cable car on Petrin Hill, so we went to check it out.

A look up the steep climb
Heading up the hill
Janek directed us  to walk through the hotel lobby and find an "elevator" to the upper floors. When we opened the elevator door, we actually entered the cable car. It was a rather unique experience.

The patio restaurant on top of the hill

A lovely patio restaurant was situated at the top of the short, steep cable ride. It had a beautiful view of the hillside park that we just had ridden up.

We walked down the hill through the scenic park between the two hotels and were able to see how steep the cable car actually rose.

If you're in Prague, it would be worth the time to check this out - even if you can't afford to stay in either hotel.


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