Ever Heard of Tallinn, Estonia?

Not too many Americans have heard of the historical capital city of Estonia. Last summer we had a chance to visit Tallinn since it's two hours west of St. Petersburg.

Founded more than a thousand years ago, this ancient city is preserved in its historical setting for us today. The stone walls surrounding the ancient city are well-preserved for tourists.

Tallinn is located on the north coast of the Gulf of Finland. Historically, it was very important for trading purposes. Because of that, it was ruled in different times by Denmark, the Scandinavian countries, Germany, and Russia.

Old Town Square

The Old Town area with its town square is preserved for tourists today and is listed as the best preserved medieval city in Europe. The narrow streets and castle walls take a tourist back in time.

We climbed the steps to the Upper Town where the government buildings are located today. From the top of the castle wall the view of the Lower Town was amazing.
Stairs to Upper Town

The next day we visited the Estonian Open Air Museum to see a demonstration of life during Estonia's long history.

We were treated to a dancing demonstration in period costumes.

Thatched roofing

We also were able to get a close look at how thatched roofs were made.

 If you ever get the urge to visit us while we're in Russia, we can meet in Tallinn, Estonia instead. It's a very interesting place to visit. It's also a more friendly destination. No visas are required to get there.


  1. Estonia is also known for their beautiful hand knit mittens. Mittens were a cultural necessity in Estonia and Latvia for many special events, such as weddings and funerals. So nice that you were able to see Tallinn. I so enjoy your adventures! - Deby (a knitter 😄)

    1. You are definitely right. When I was in Latvia, I bought some of these famous mittens. They were so warm during our Russian winter!


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