Spring in Riga

With the long warmer days here, the flowers have brought beauty to the parks near us. I'll share this postcard with you of the Riga spring flowers.

Our days are getting very long since we're so far north. The sun rises before 5:00 now and sets at 9:45 at night. By June 21, the sun will be up from 4:30 AM to 10:22 PM. Lots of time to party!

Picture of fountain from bridge in canal
Tulips are a favorite
Between Old Riga and the rest of the city, a canal runs through a beautiful park. We were told that the canal is actually where the old moat surrounded the walled city.

It's lovely to stroll along the canal through the beautiful park. It's one of our favorite walks.
Bastion Hill across the canal

The park is dotted with statues and fountains.


Statue of historian
We are looking forward to seeing what summer flowers will be added to the collection when they open up. By then we'll be able to go for a walk at 10:00 at night and still see the sunshine. I can't wait!
Manicured flower bed

Scenic bridge over the canal

Sculptured flower bed with lion statue


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