Merry Christmas from Riga!


House of the Black Heads 
After our month-long visit to the States, we returned to Riga last week. I'd like to share some seasonal decorations with you. This is our first Christmas in Latvia, so I can't really compare the beauty of the Christmas lights to last year. I'm sure that Christmas in Riga is very toned down from the usual celebration. 

We've seen several large decorated trees around Old Town as we've walked the small area. The trees are beautiful, but in between there aren't a lot of lights. 

Dom Square 

I know that there is usually a large Christmas market in Dom Square which is about two blocks from our house. The square is usually bursting with small huts where vendors are selling lots of goodies and mulled wine, plus the Christmas decorations that tourists like. 

We did witness that last year when we were in Riga on January 8 to search for an apartment. This year it's completely bare except for the large tree in front of the Cathedral. 

Downtown decorations

Since daylight hours are from 9:00 to 3:45 at this time of the year, Christmas lights are very important to Latvians. We haven't seen the sun at all since our return since it's always gloomy and rainy here. 

Riga City Hall

When we returned, we heard that the restrictions for the virus control were much stricter than when we left. As a result, everything is closed here except the grocery stores and pharmacies. It will be a strange Christmas indeed. 

A quick walk in the park

We've been quarantined for 10 days from our arrival, except for fresh air that we can get during walks in deserted spaces. That's not hard to find since the streets are pretty much empty. 

Riga Castle
Despite all these restrictions, we will celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ in a stable in Bethlehem as we do every year. After all, that's really what Christmas is all about. 

Merry Christmas to you all! 


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