Winter Wonderland


Cathedral Square in the snow
On the day after Christmas, Riga had its first snow of the winter. Since we haven't seen the city covered in snow yet, we went for a walk around Old Town. I wanted to share the beautiful night with you. 

The picture below was taken out of our family room window. 

Cathedral tower 

Riga Castle from the park

The scenery was amazing as we walked in the falling snow. It looked like a movie set. 

Picturesque shops

We were surprised how many people were out and about. Earlier in the day, the streets had been bare. I think people just wanted fresh air after being in lock down for so long. 

Typical street scene

It will be a night to be remembered for many years to come.

Icy tree branches

Later in the evening, the snow turned more to freezing rain coating the trees. The icy trees sparkled in the street lights. It was magical to say the least - and rather wet to walk in. :) 

A coffee shop in a small park

Looking across the Daugava River


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