Art Nouveau Rerun

Triangle shaped building
 Last fall I did an article about the prevalence of Art Nouveau buildings in Riga. Since this architectural style was used for only about 15 years from 1895 to 1910, it's amazing how much of it I see as I'm walking around the city. 

I wanted to share several more Art Nouveau buildings that I've noticed in my wanderings during the last couple weeks now that the weather is getting warmer. 

Details of building
If you remember, Art Nouveau's specialty is the highly stylized additions to the outside of a building. Each floor of the building is decorated in a different fashion, becoming more intricate on each added floor. Look closely at the detail to the right in this building built in 1903. By the time you get to the top, you see gargoyles and other shapes sitting on the edge of the roof. 

Corner tower

Another building has a corner tower decorating it. Fancy trim is added around the windows on the upper floor as well. Art Nouveau buildings are interesting to see when out on a walk. 

Built in 1900

This orange building was very striking as I walked past. Near the top of the corner facing, I saw Adom 1900.  I will assume that it was built in 1900 by a person named Adom. The ornamentation stood out because it was painted tan against the orange surface. 

The side of the building had windows built out for added ornamentation. Maybe the residents had airing porches with them or maybe large window seats. It's all part of the show for art nouveau.

Greek gods built into facade

It's all in the presentation. The building on the right has Greek gods and mythological creatures built into the architecture. You don't see that every day. The higher on the building, the more creative it gets.

Their own statue

This last building tops all the rest. It has a statue built into the side of the building and a turret also. Not too many buildings can claim both of these items. 

Now you can see why I like to take adventurous walks around Riga in warm weather. There's always something interesting to see. 

I know you can't join me right now, so I try to share this wonderful place with you.


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