Latvian Rocky Coast


Baltic Sea coastline
Our last area of Latvia to visit last summer was the Baltic Sea shore just south of Estonia. Our travel guide informed us that the sandstone cliffs on the rocky coast were a site to see. 

The guide book was correct. The Vidzeme Cliffs were spectacular. When the Gulf of Riga experiences strong storms, the eroding sandstone causes the ever-changing coast to be reshaped. 

Cave carved out of stone

Grotto in the stone
We saw bluffs of red sandstone up to 40 feet high next to the sandy shore. Grottoes, caves, niches, and other abrasion formations appear and disappear as the stone erodes. 

Changing shoreline 
Sometimes even  trees become victims of the erosion. The carving of the sandstone over the years brings the trees to the edge of the precipice. It creates a beauty all its own.

Hanging on the edge

I wonder how long this tree will hang onto its roots before it crashes to the shore. 

Sunset on the shore

Once again, we saw with our eyes that Latvia is certainly not a flat country. God's hand in the beauty He's created here is very clear to us.
Sun setting over the water

Even as we watched the sun set over the sea close to 11:00 PM, God showed us His beauty for the last time on our vacation. 

Information taken from Latvia Travel Guide.


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