On Our Way Back Home

Our luggage packed to go to Europe

 More than four years ago, we packed up all these bags and started our adventure of life in Europe. Some of you may have followed allowed with me by reading these posts over the last four years. 

I tried to share with you my experiences of how life is different living in Europe and our adventures in the many countries we've lived in and visited. 

We've met so many wonderful people and seen so many amazing and beautiful things during these four years. These will be years that we will always remember and cherish. 

View of Prague 

It's hard for me to think that we started this adventure with our move to Prague in May 2017. Living without a car and adjusting to the European lifestyle filled our life that year. The beauty of Prague, filled with tourists, was a wonder to me, who hadn't lived in Europe before.

Famous Russian Church

By June 2018, we were on our way to St. Petersburg, Russia. That meant another adjustment to our lifestyle. My husband was now a full time professor at a seminary so he worked most of the week at home and commuted to the seminary to teach once or twice a week. 

I found myself on my own more and making friends with international women who were trying to learn Russian along with me. Because of my husband's work with the seminary, we lived in the "suburbs" in high rise housing with only Russian speakers surrounding us. Daily life was a very interesting experience. 

Famous Riga skyline
After only eighteen months, we were asked to relocate to Riga, Latvia in February 2020. We truly love Riga and easily adapted to life here until Covid hit - only one month later. Unfortunately, the pandemic has dampened our experience here. 

We love living here, but we haven't gotten to meet people or see places that we could have if we weren't in the lockdown situation that continues here. Because of this we're closing out our European adventure.

Now we are in the process of once again packing all our bags and returning to the United States soon. Life there will be normal again to all my readers, so my blogging days are coming to an end. Thanks for being such faithful readers! 


  1. Thanks for sharing your adventures. Best wishes to you!

    1. You're welcome. I enjoyed sharing them with you. Thanks for following with me on my adventures.

  2. Your blog has been a joy Connie!! Thanks so much for the great descriptions; it's felt as if we have participated. :) :)

    1. It was fun for me to share my experiences with all my friends while I was in Europe. I wanted to tell everyone what I was living through. Thanks for reading.

  3. Praying for your safe journey home and a positive readjustment to life in the U.S.


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