During the last couple months, we've learned more than we bargained for about a visa application so we can live in Prague. One word we learned is apostille. No, I don't mean apostle like my computer wants to spell it.

We needed an apostille, pictured on the left, from the state of Wisconsin to verify that our marriage license was a valid document in Wisconsin. The Czech Republic has that listed as one of the documents needed to complete our visa application to live in their country.

Other documentation needed from us is proof that Chuck has an employer who will continue to pay his salary, proof that we have money in our bank account to live on for a couple months if his employment ends, proof that we have medical insurance that will pay for any medical expenses incurred while in their country... The list goes on and on.

We had to write up an affidavit stating that we have no felonies or indictments against us in the past. My friend at my former law firm helped me figure out how to do that one. Thanks, Chris. Of course, that one had to be notarized along with the translation into the Czech language that was required. The marriage license and apostille also had to be translated into Czech, by the way.

"Document affirming accommodation" is another requirement needed for the visa. That was an interesting one. They need a signed lease on an apartment that we will live in before we even arrive in Prague. As it turns out, we will be signing a lease on an apartment ten days after our arrival, but can't move in to the apartment until July 1st. (That means six weeks of temporary housing in an Air B&B) It's a good thing that we can live in Prague for 90 days before the visa is needed since it will take that long to get the application in and processed.

During all the time that it has taken to gather all these documents, I've been thinking that if the United States had requirements like this, our country wouldn't have the immigration problems that it has these days.


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