By the time this post is released online, we'll be flying over the ocean on our way to Prague. We stop in Dublin for a couple hours before taking off for the Czech Republic and land at 3:45 on Wednesday afternoon.

Monday we spent all day packing our bags and, as you can see, we didn't fit in six suitcases. After checking with the airline, we found out we could also take a box of books if it stayed under 50 pounds. Some of Chuck's theological books and a few of my organ books are in the box.

In the end, it was a very tight squeeze between space and weight. The only thing that I had to jettison was my large bottles of shampoo, cream rinse, and shower gel. But, as Chuck says, they have those things over there. I did manage to fill small bottles with them, so I have a couple weeks before I need to find my way to a store to purchase more.

After final weigh in, all the cases (and box) weigh between 46 and 50 pounds. I certainly hope that our luggage scale is accurate so we don't have any surprises tomorrow at the airport. If one is over 50 pounds, we will have to pay another $100. As it is, we will be paying $500 for the four extra suitcases and the box.

For the last five months, I've been concentrating on accomplishing every detail that needed to be done before I could get on the plane. Now I have to find out what life will be like after I get off the plane. Since God is going with us, I know I'll be in His hands, so it will be all right.

I'll start giving you tidbits of that life with my posts from now on.


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