How do you pack everything you need to live for six years in suitcases? That's a great question. When we were in orientation last summer preparing for this big move, they said, "Make sure that you take along personal items so that you feel at home over there." In suitcases?

We were planning on taking a magnetic picture frame that we could display pictures of our eleven grandchildren and families. It was too large to fit into a suitcase so we decided to send one box to Prague to accommodate that and other heavy items. The box was all packed and weighed - 50 pounds. We found out at the US Post Office that it would cost $233.00 to mail to Prague. Not too bad...

But then we asked acquaintances in Prague how to get it to them.  We found out that when it arrived in Prague, it would have to be carried from the post office to our apartment - NOT. And if it was worth more than $45.00 it would have to go to the Customs Office and pay an import fee. Again - NOT!

So... we are now looking at going completely in suitcases. In a couple weeks, we will be placing all our personal item - clothes, shoes, toiletries, pillows, books, computer equipment, necessary financial documents, supplements, medications, pictures, and personal memorabilia - into our six suitcases. We will each get one suitcase free on our airlines and will be paying for the rest of them. Actually, $100.00 for each suitcase over the two allowed is still cheaper than the original box we wanted to send. But the suitcases can't weigh more than 50 pounds each!

Stay tuned to find out how we manage to accomplish this.


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