Postcard from Lithuania

Last week we spent time in Palanga, Lithuania at a pastoral conference where my husband was the presenter. I thought I'd share my pictures from there with you.

Since it was rainy and cold, there weren't too many tourists in town. Palanga is on the Baltic Sea where the beach is the main attraction in the summer, but October isn't exactly beach weather.

Sea bridge into the Baltic
There weren't many people in the tourist areas.

We took a walk in a beautiful park toward a mansion built in the 1890s. Today the mansion is a museum.

Palanga Amber Museum

Manicured gardens around the museum

During Communist occupation, many churches were destroyed. This large Catholic church in Palanga survived. It stands in the center of town and is a landmark to residents and tourists alike.

The Lutherans in town had to build a new church after freedom came to Lithuania. It's simple inside, but very stunning just the same.

Palanga Evangelical Lutheran Parish

church organ in loft

We enjoyed the lovely visit to this tiny Eastern European country.


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    1. We never even got close enough to look. It was so windy and cold that we were driven back from the beach in about 3 minutes. A sand dune twenty feet back on the beach was a great wind break, so we walked in the woods 50 feet from the water. That wasn't too bad.


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