A Sunny Spot

To continue the update on our apartment complex, we were very surprised when we found the welcome addition of a sunning deck added to our community. Pictured on the right, the deck is suspended over the river adjacent to our property with risers on the riverbank side for people to sit or lie on for getting a sun tan.

Looking at the new addition from our bedroom window, I can see people out there reading books, napping, or playing with their kids on the deck.
View from our bedroom window

A couple weeks ago, there was a person on a loud speaker speaking to a group of people gathered on the seats. It is a very nice addition to our complex.

Of course, this is St. Petersburg which has more rainy days than sunny ones, but it's beautiful to be out there when it is sunny.

Looking upriver 

While you're out sitting on the new deck, you do need to be careful which direction you look. When you look upriver, you have the gorgeous view in the picture on the left. The river is lined on both sides with lovely greenery. It is quite pretty.

However, when your eyes happen to look straight across the river or toward the right you see the realistic view. From our bedroom as we look across the river we see a retaining wall that is collapsing, an abandoned construction site, a very nasty pipe that is oozing something into the polluted river, and many tires sitting on the edge of the water.

Oh, well. This is Russia after all. I'll just make sure I'm looking upriver when I sit out on the new deck.


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