Postcard from Italy

View from our window
View down the "street" next to our flat

Town at top of hill
During the last two weeks, we traveled in Italy seeing many memorable sites. I'll share a few with you.

Italy has many faces. From mosaic filled ancient churches to breath-taking beauty in the mountains. We enjoyed it all. The towns, built on the slopes of mountains with "streets" that were literally only steps, were unbelievable. These towns were built more than 700 years ago and are still home to many Italians today. The residents have to be in fantastic shape to maneuver these steps, just to walk uptown without getting winded.

Christmas market in Ravenna

While we were in Ravenna, we walked through a Christmas market where line dancing was demonstrated with country western music. The cowboy boot-wearing dancers, donned with Santa Claus hats, were trying to teach the locals how to line dance. I would have joined in, but I couldn't understand the instructions since they were in Italian.
Church in Ravenna

The churches in Ravenna are known for the beauty of their mosaics. They were marvelous to see, knowing that many were built before the year 1300.

I had no idea that central Italy was so mountainous. We drove through (tunnels on the freeway) or around several of them. The views were fantastic, but the scenic towns with mountains in the background were my favorite part.
Village of Castelli

Scene in Sulmona

Our trip will be remembered for years to come.

 We even found ourselves in a sheep traffic jam. It was great fun!


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