Wednesday, December 30, 2015

It's Enough to Curl Your Hair

Emma visited Vivi's hair salon on a Saturday morning to get her hair cut. This might be what the salon looked like. In some ways the salons looked pretty much like our today, as seen in the first picture, but what they did to you at the salon was completely different. Check out the other pictures!

Since we discussed 1920s hair styles last week, I thought we'd take a look at what the women had to go through back then to get their hair styles. As I mentioned last week, hair salons came about because of the new bobbed and shingled hair styles. Of course all the machines to make these curls and waves last for a time were in the process of being invented.

       Here's a brief description of a new hair salon back in the 20s taken from one of my novels:

"Emma had a chance to look around the room which was larger than a living room. The black and white checkered floor looked uncluttered even though there were several hair cutting areas scattered around the room. The three specialized chairs took up the main area in the room. Each hair cutting chair also had two tables near it to hold the tools needed by the hairdresser. Vivi was standing by one of the chairs finishing up with a woman’s hair. She spun the chair around to look at all sides of the woman's hair without moving.

Along the side wall, the sinks were lined up where the hair was washed before getting cut. Lining the back wall were large odd looking machines Emma could not identify. They had long hoses attached to them. She smiled thinking they looked like creatures from a scary movie. Emma wondered what they were."

Later she learned that the machine was a hair dryer such as the one picture on the right. I guess it was scary looking!!

Serious looking equipment

Then came new equipment to made those waves permanent. Perms were invented. Strange looking machines developed.

How'd you like to be hooked up to this?

I'm glad I didn't experience these new machines. No curls are worth going through this!!

Can't imagine why she's smiling with her hair in this contraption.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What Did You Do To Your Hair?

Emma decided to get her long hair cut off after a couple weeks of teaching. The reaction was almost rabid from Pastor Hannemann and Principal Dietz. Below might help to explain why they reacted so passionately. 

Women’s hair styles today include anything from cropped-boyish hair to long flowing curly hair. In fact, I’d say there is no style that is thought of as the norm. Anything is accepted. Of course, the different colors I’ve seen (blue, purple, etc) are another subject.

It’s hard to put ourselves in the mindset of people back in the 1920s in this matter. Up until that point, every woman had long flowing hair usually swept up in a chignon or French braid, but everyone had to deal with long hair.

In the early 20s a movie star named Clara Bow changed all that. She appeared in a short hair cut in a movie. The new fad caught on quickly. She and others like her inspired the “bobbed hair cut” to be fashionable for the younger set. Of course, this style also was linked to the raucous life of the young during the Roaring 20s; many people associated short hair with “flappers and floozies”.

Since women never got their hair cut before this time, there weren’t salons for them to go to. The first women who pioneered the short haircut in town, had to go to the barbershop to get their long hair cut short. Must have been interesting. It didn’t take long for beauty shops to spring up because of the demand.

As the shorter styles started being copied by women from normal households around the country the following scenes took place in many homes:

“Mother went to the new beauty shop to have her hair cut. When she came home, she rushed into the house and covered her hair with a long scarf. We kids were shocked. Her long wavy hair was gone – snipped all the way up to her ears.

When Dad asked what the scarf was for, Mother reluctantly removed it. I thought Dad was going to faint. His usual smile faded as he quietly asked, ‘How could you do such a thing?’ He immediately left for the woodshed and cut enough wood to last for 3 days! When he finally came back in, his last words on the matter were, ‘I hope it grows back fast.’” From Flappers to Flivvers.

That was a common reaction from parents or husbands where the new cuts invaded the house unannounced.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Now On the Shelf in NPH Christian Book Store

"Guide Me Home" is now available at Northwestern Publishing House Christian Book Store. 

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Great Idea for Christmas Shopping!

One of my co-workers bought several copies of "Guide Me Home" for presents - one for his mother, wife and daughters. This would be a great idea to shop at home without having to fight the crowds at the stores. 

This heart-warming historical romance is the story of a Lutheran school teacher trying to find her way during the 1920s. Follow her adventures as she learns the hard lessons in life by making wrong choices. 

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

"Guide Me Home" now available at NPH

Announcing that my novel "Guide Me Home" is now available at Northwestern Publishing House  Christian Bookstore for $13.99. It's also available at NPH Online at (Copy and paste the link into your address bar.) 

NPH is located near Watertown Plank and 113th Street in Milwaukee, WI. Visit their store or shop online to find this 1920s historical Christian romance story. 

A "book launch party" at NPH is also being planned in the month of January, so stay tuned to find out the details of that later this month. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Boxes of Books

My boxes of books finally arrived today. Now if you see me out and about, you can buy one of them directly from me. I am very impressed with the great quality of the books that Createspace printed.

Can't wait for all my friends to share in my excitement!

If you buy a book from me, it only costs $10.00.