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A week ago, we returned to St. Petersburg with all its fall colors. As we flew back into Pulkovo Airport, we could see the golden colored birch forests below us. It was a beautiful sight.

Along with the colored trees, the rainy season is upon us in full force. It has poured all morning here, but we've only got a 40% chance for the rest of the day. The long range forecast is rain every day for the next week. We're used to that here.

The sun is showing its face later in the morning all the time. If you stay in bed until it's light out, you'd already be late for work. Sunrise is at 7:30AM and coming up later every day. Nothing new for us here either.

I got a haircut this week which isn't too unusual. I must say that it's a rather interesting procedure when the person cutting your hair can't speak the same language as you do. When we moved here, I prayed hard and went to the local hair salon. Of course, no one spoke English. I picked out a beautician and have gone to her ever since. I learned the word for short короткие and long длинные and hoped for the best. Elya always cuts my hair the same - very short - but it grows out.

It was rather funny when on the fourth visit to her, she asked me if I was Italian. Of course, it took me quite a while to figure out what she was saying, but I finally understood her question. Then of course, it took more time to tell her that I was from the USA. At least she knows that about me now. I admit that my time sitting in her chair is very quiet indeed. Neither of us can converse with the other person.

But the biggest surprise of the week was a text message from my daughter-in-law that I have been summoned for jury duty in St. Louis County. I guess I have an excuse not to attend. The problem is that I can't even get access to the website from Russia to inform them that I can't come. BTW does anyone know anyone in 21st Judicial Circuit Court building in Clayton, MO that could relay a message? I guess my POA will have to handle that one for me.

Life here is NOT boring!


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