Higher is Better

After one week of living in St. Petersburg, we were able to move into our new apartment which is in a twenty-one floor high rise building. Thankfully, we live on the third floor so we don't have to wait forever for the elevator to get to our floor. We love it here because it's very new, bright, and close to the metro that my husband will use to go to teach this fall.

 The apartment is very spacious - by European standards - with a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and WC.

It was furnished with a couch, bed, table, chairs, and even a big screen TV. That saved us LOTS of money!

We have a view of a river out of our bedroom window - maybe not a great view, but at least it's not another high rise staring at us. There is construction on both sides of the water, but that's OK for us.

We think we're almost the first people to live here because it so nice and new. We are thrilled with that. The water is always hot in the shower, not waiting for the hot water heater to do it's work.

The technician who hooked up our WiFi had to run the wires into our apartment, so we know for sure we are the first ones with internet connection here. And it's 5G!

The one negative was the color of the kitchen -- magenta! But my husband says he can live with that just fine because the location is so great.

As any other apartment in Europe, it does not have a garbage disposal, air conditioning, or a clothes drier. It also doesn't have a dishwasher, so we take turns doing the dishes. We're just glad to have a nice, new wash machine.

Compared to the temporary flat we were in, this is so much better. We are thankful every day that our realtor was able to find us this place so quickly. We even did our trip to IKEA for the few items we needed, and now we feel pretty settled  - only 3 weeks in Russia!


  1. That kitchen color will wake you up in the morning.

  2. Is there enough floor space to have visitors come and camp with you for a while? Looks very modern.

    1. It is very modern! Yes, there's space for visitors. The couch in the living room folds out to a queen bed - I think. And there's lots of floor space. It's much larger than our flat in Prague.

    2. The trick would be to get a Russian visa to come visit us!


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